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Blipfoto is not just another photo sharing service. At its heart is a simple concept: to upload just one photo each day, add some words if you want, and by so doing build a record of your life, one day at a time. In a modern on-line world where many millions of images are taken and shared every hour, Blipfoto is a considered and curated space.

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I blip to record the beauty I see around me everyday.


I blip to celebrate everything about life.


I blip to see my life through a different lens.

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I blip to encourage me to go to places I haven't been to before.


I blip to help me see familiar things in unfamiliar ways.


l blip to share a smile.


I blip to save the moments that melt away.


The only way to fully understand Blipfoto is to experience it for yourself. Anyone can join us. We pride ourselves in being an extremely friendly and supportive community. We could be described as a little oasis of calm in a very noisy on-line world.

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